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For a 33 year old that doesn’t have any children, I sure do know a whole lot about babies! How, you ask? Baby photography! I have been a baby photographer more than 13 years. They are my specialty, my joy, and my life.

When I started newborn photography I needed to figure out how to hold an infant, soothe an infant, relax, and familiarize myself with facial expressions. I would often look at them and think, “I wonder why these are smiling like this”. And then you hear a sound… from your diaper… a wet sound. I imagine parents, other photographers, and everybody who works with babies can relate with this.

After a few years of newborn photography, I decided to produce a help guide to help new parents and photographers alike to assist prepare for the photo shoot when the photo shoot takes place in the clients home. All of my newborn photo shoots are taken at my clients’ homes because it’s the most comfortable spot for a growing family.

Without further ado, here is the guide born from my frequently asked questions regarding a newborn photography shoot…

1. When should we schedule the newborn photo shoot? Schedule your newborn photography shoot in the first couple of weeks of the due date. This is simply a tentative date and definately will likely change depending on the baby’s arrival. If you have a C-section then your date is fairly set unless the child comes early.

It’s advisable to capture babies around 5-14 days while they sleep and have the newborn look. With that said, there are no guarantees with newborns. They are doing the things they please. We have done photo shoots at 6 days. Some cooperate and a few don’t. I have done photo shoots at 4 weeks. Some cooperate plus some don’t. Either way, they’re all wonderful!

2. What goes on if my baby is late? Contact newborn photos and play in the date by ear. In the event the baby is early, don’t worry about contacting your photographer straight away. Enjoy the new member of your family! Contact them in the next couple of days and make sure they know that your baby is here now.

3. What temperature in case the house be? Your day of the photo shoot I suggest to get the house with a good warm temperature. We are going to be sweating nevertheless the baby is going to be comfortable. You possibly will not require the heat on during summer though. The tiny ones don’t enjoy being too hot or too cold.

Keep in mind that the majority of the poses will likely be from the baby in their diaper, naked, or anything you discussed with your photographer. Walk around your home and look at the settings/backdrops that might work out best when it comes to lighting. Usually, photographers like to setup within the room using the most natural light. But in addition important rooms like the nursery, your bedroom, the living room area, and also the yard if it’s a good day.

4. When should I feed my baby? Attempt to time it so that you will are almost done with the feeding or completely done by the time the photographer arrives. A happy baby equals a sleepy baby. Sleepy babies xgdqyb awesome! Also, bear in mind that we may feed the infant a little outside their schedule to keep them calm.

If you wanted your child in a wrap, diaper cover, or possibly naked i suggest to consider their clothes off (but keep them in their diaper!), wrap them up in a blanket, then commence to feed them. The less we move them around after there is a full belly, the higher.

5. What exactly do I really do if my baby is sleepy right before the photo shoot? Sometimes your baby will likely be asleep before we arrive and before the feeding. Keep them up by changing them or even a nice bath. You would like your baby to become tired during the photo shoot, not before

6. How much time will the photo shoot last? The amount of time would all depend on the photographer and also the baby. I actually have completed newborn photo shoots inside an hour and in excess of 4 hours. In the event the baby is awake through the photo shoot, it’s OK! Photos of your own baby alert and awake are magical!

7. What props should I have ready and does the photographer bring any? A lot of the props and hats which i personally utilize inside my photography shoots belong to the child. The image holds another meaning if you utilize your personal hats, blankets, books, and other props. Also, don’t forget all of the gifts which you baby will receive. Using gifts from friends and families makes these photos extra special.

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